‘Young Reporters for the Environment’ awards

Jul 8, 2020




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Photography award
A big well done to the Red Warriors Team, an environmental and sustainable themed mid-day break club at our Primary School, for placing 3rd in the Young Reporters for the Environment Competition – Press Kids Photo.

Through the use of photos, the students wanted to capture and highlight the fact that ALL PLASTIC that has ever been produced is still with us. It may have broken down into micro pieces, but it is still there, causing harm to our environment.

That is why the St Aloysius Primary School continually campaigns against single-use plastic. Read more about our Green Policy and how we care for the environment.

Read more about the award here:

This is the Red Warriors Team entry:

Video Award
We are very happy to announce that St Aloysius’ College Secondary School has been awarded an honourable mention for their entry in category Video 11-14, as part of the Young Reporters for the Environment Malta competition.

“Sometimes when we think about the situation of our planet now, we feel disappointed because it seems like many people do not care. Everyone can do something no matter how small it may seem. Everybody needs to understand that we are all responsible today for a better tomorrow. While our stay home we thought of sharing these six tips that everyone can do from home to take care of our planet today in hope for a better tomorrow. We hope you like it” Dale Delceppo and Damian Galea.

Watch their video, ‘The Difficulty to Change’:

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