St. Aloysius Primary and Secondary Schools are inclusive, mixed-ability schools whilst in the Sixth Form a few students with learning difficulties are admitted under specific criteria if the environment is deemed as being conducive to their learning requirements.

The College strives to implement inclusive practice which is fully reflected in its mission statement where we strive to support our students develop into Men and Women for others whilst supporting them into reaching their full potential not just academically but also as human beings.

The school provides a holistic education to a number of students with Special Educational Requirements through ensuring that each individual’s learning needs are met and different areas of learning are addressed. Whilst academic education is given priority other aspects of learning are also addressed. These include the continued development and refining of motor skills, communication skills, social skills, independent living and community skills and cultural skills.

Curricula are adapted to meet the learners’ requirements to ensure that each students’ potential is reached and students leave the school as well-prepared for future adult life as possible.

The introduction of Vocational subjects at secondary level and specialist lessons addressing life skills and employability skills, nature classes, cooking and independent living lessons, tutorials addressing organisation, time-management and study skills are ensuring that students are exposed to different opportunities to reach their objectives.

Inclusive practice is reflected in all activities within the college including AMDG Nights, Talent Nights and Soirees.

The College is introducing Universal Design for Learning practices both through its curricula and through the physical set up and environment of the three schools.

Discover Educard – a JAYE company

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Reopening of Church Schools – Statement by the Secretariat for Catholic Education

Read the full statement issued by the Secretariat for Catholic Education regarding the reopening of Church Schools: 34 FTUH SKEJJEL TAL-KNISJA MT Parents/guardians are encouraged to follow the guidelines communicated by the College.


YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH IS A PRIORITY STATEMENT BY THE SECRETARIAT FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION AND THE CHURCH SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION The Secretariat for Catholic Education and the Church Schools Association (CSA) are concerned about several issues raised in the white...

An Easter message and e-card from Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj

Our Rector, Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj, shares a special Easter message for all, from the Jesuit Community's Garden. Click here to watch it You can also view his e-card below: ** A reminder about the EASTER VIGIL ** The event will be live streamed from the St Aloysius Chapel...

World Down Syndrome Awareness Week: College Highlights

Over the past week, our Primary and Secondary school students celebrated World Down Syndrome awareness week by not only wearing, but also drawing colourful pairs of mismatched socks 🙂 Check out the photos below: Our Secondary School's Student Council has also...

Our Lady of Sorrows – An Online Event at our Secondary School

On the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Chaplaincy team - Fr Paul Zammit sj and Ms Mary Bonnici Xuereb - put together a special online presentation, which was shared with the secondary school community. Built around the concept of suffering out of...

NEW VACANCY: Assistant Head – St Aloysius College Sixth Form

For more information about this post, click the link below: AssistantHeadSixthForm2021Final.

Spotlight on Prep 5 DD – World Water Day 2021

Following their participation in activities organised in commemoration of World Water Day, Prep 5 DD have shared their experience with us: Our class followed the World Water Day Assembly attentively. It was a very interesting video prepared by Ms Roberta. We realised...

Juvenes Translatores translation contest: Sixth Form students get special mention

Juvenes Translatores is an annual contest aiming to promote multilingualism and provide an introduction to translation for students attending colleges around Europe. Following their successful participation in last November's edition, three of our Sixth Form students...

World Water Day Campaign: TELL US YOUR WATER

To commemorate World Water Day, the Jesuit Education Foundation has organised a multimedia activity for students of all ages: Water means different things to different people. In households, schools and workplaces, water can mean health, hygiene, dignity, and...