Community of Parents

The Community of Parents, which falls under the SEWT, was set up in 2019. Every year a core group made up of parents, members of the SEWT team, and Jesuits is formed. The aim of the core group to identify and address the social, emotional and spiritual needs of parents whilst proposing activities/events to meet these requirements. Various activities which were all well attended were organised by the three schools.

The Community of Parents – Strategic Plan Objective

  • To bring the Community of Parents on board with the Ignatian vision and mission of the school, by strengthening the core group through the support of the Senior Management Team and staff, providing formation sessions and organising activities for parents and inviting them to contribute to the vision and mission of the school.

The Community of Parents at St Aloysius College – Terms of Reference

  1. To foster and strengthen a sense of belonging of parents to the school and to the College.
  2. To support and accompany parents in their human and spiritual journeys.
  3. To help parents grow together with their children on a spiritual, emotional and social dimension.
  4. To identify and address the Social, Emotional and Spiritual needs of parents whilst proposing activities/events to meet these requirements.
  5. To encourage a sense of compassion and solidarity towards SAC community members.

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