Community of Parents

The Community of Parents, which falls under the SEWT, was set up in 2019. Every year a core group made up of parents, members of the SEWT team, and Jesuits is formed. The aim of the core group to identify and address the social, emotional and spiritual needs of parents whilst proposing activities/events to meet these requirements. Various activities which were all well attended were organised by the three schools.

The Community of Parents – Strategic Plan Objective

  • To bring the Community of Parents on board with the Ignatian vision and mission of the school, by strengthening the core group through the support of the Senior Management Team and staff, providing formation sessions and organising activities for parents and inviting them to contribute to the vision and mission of the school.

The Community of Parents at St Aloysius College – Terms of Reference

  1. To foster and strengthen a sense of belonging of parents to the school and to the College.
  2. To support and accompany parents in their human and spiritual journeys.
  3. To help parents grow together with their children on a spiritual, emotional and social dimension.
  4. To identify and address the Social, Emotional and Spiritual needs of parents whilst proposing activities/events to meet these requirements.
  5. To encourage a sense of compassion and solidarity towards SAC community members.

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    ** Earthquake in Turkey and Syria – Urgent Plea for Donations and Items **

    Dear members of the SAC educational community, In the aftermath of the tragic and devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the Jesuit Euro-Mediterranean Province has set up a fund through MAGIS Foundation, NGO of the Province, for those who would like to support...

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    NEWS: Refurbished Sports Pavilion and new facilities inaugurated

    The Sports Pavilion at St Aloysius College has been completed and was officially inaugurated on Thursday 12th January 2022. The refurbished Sports Pavilion with additional facilities is part of a major investment in sport facilities within the complex resulting from a...

    Messaġġ tal-Milied mir-Rettur | Rector’s Christmas Message – 2022

    Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj, our Rector, shares a Christmas message addressed to the SAC Community: (English translation in the description) Blessings to the whole community as we prepare for the coming of Jesus in our hearts!...

    ‘Rejoice! The Prince of Peace is Born’: Christmas Vigil Mass at the College Theatre

    ** Rejoice! The Prince of Peace is Born': Christmas Vigil Mass at the College Theatre ** Join the St Aloysius College community for a peaceful and prayerful evening in celebration of the coming of the Prince of Peace. Confessions will be heard from 10 pm onwards....

    UPDATE: Success at the Dinja Waħda Awards Ceremony 2022

    ** Update: Dinja Waħda Awards Ceremony 2022 ** Global Citizenship integrates actions, skills and attitudes which allow us to continue our ecologically sustainable actions that promote and nurture ecological conversion. The Dinja Waħda Gold Award was received on behalf...

    Spotlight post: Meet our new Sixth Form Students’ Council

    Spotlight Post: Meet our Sixth Form's new Students' Council We've reached out to our newly elected council members to learn more about their aims, plans, and the Council itself: Tell us a little about the Council and how it works. What does it represent/mean to you?...

    Dr Roberta Metsola, President of the EU Parliament, visits our College

    On the 9th December, Dr Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, visited our College. She had received her education at our Sixth Form between 1995 and 1997. Upon her arrival and entrance into the College Theatre's foyer, she was greeted by our Rector,...

    Advent Reflections: A special series

    As we know, Advent is a time of reflection and preparation. Throughout the journey towards Christmas, we will be sharing a special weekly reflection, courtesy of our Chaplains and Assistant Chaplains. We have kicked off the series with a lovely piece penned by Fr Paul...

    Event Update: The Community of Parents Committees

    The Community of Parents Committees representing families in our Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Sixth Form came together to get to know each other, evaluate activities and also discuss upcoming events and the way forward.
    The evening began with prayers, an ice breaker activity, and a presentation to revisit the objectives of the community, followed by a discussion between parents themselves. The event ended with some refreshments and time to socialise.
    Thank you to all parents and members of staff who dedicate themselves to this cause!