Global Citizenship at our College

How do we practise Global Citizenship?

From commemorating important international days through engaging and insightful class activities, to receiving training as responsible citizens, our College strives to incorporate a global dimension into the curriculum and formation of all our students.

Check out the various initiatives below:

A look at Global Citizenship and Togetherness by Mr Lionel Chircop (Assistant Head - Sixth Form)

Libraries and ecological stewardship constantly remind me that we are global citizens and the earth is our common home. The wisdom of authors from different cultures, alive on our library shelves, explores common themes from different perspectives and through different mindsets, with the hope of providing solutions for the puzzling problems inflicting humanity. But common problems call for common actions. Togetherness is the way forward on the one earth we inhabit. This ‘togetherness’ is the central inspiration animating the Green Team and the Global Citizenship programme at our Sixth Form.

Togetherness dreams of a better common future and makes it happen.

Togetherness changes our individuality into interdependence.

Togetherness makes of one tree, a forest and of one drop, an ocean.

Togetherness transforms us into an electrified network of relationships that transmits hope everywhere.

Togetherness makes of solitary rangers a communal adventure that multiplies our efforts and alleviates our fatigue and exhaustion.

Togetherness shares our baggage and eases our anxiety to reach new destinations otherwise secluded and out of reach.

Togetherness unites us while setting us free.

Togetherness makes of our responsibities a joyful task.

Togetherness changes all of us into hopeful and joyful green global citizens.

“ We have enormous capacity to awaken hope in our world, contributing to the formation of men and women who are just, true global citizens. ”

Father General Arturo Sosa, SJ, JESEDU-Rio2017

Students work on booklet with vegan recipes

The Ekoskola initiative encourages meat-free meals at least once a week, aiming to promote sustainability and environmental awareness among our school community. The demand of meat is associated with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water...

Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Rev. Fr Arturo Sosa, visits St Aloysius College

Friday 10 May will be remembered as a very special day in our college calendar as Rev. Fr Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, paid a visit to our three schools. Fr Sosa started his full day visit at our Primary School where he was welcomed with a...

Watch: Easter Message by College Rector Fr. Jimmy Bartolo sj

This is the Easter message by the St.Aloysius College Rector Fr Jimmy Bartolo, sj.  Dear students, educators, parents/guardians, This year we are hearing about Fr Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, who, fifty years ago, created the motto for...

Rainwater recovery facility launched at St.Aloysius College

The GEO-INF Rainwater Recovery Facility at St Aloysius College was inaugurated by Atlas Insurance this week. The installation, designed by Ing. Marco Cremona with the purpose of diverting rainwater from the roofs of school buildings directly to the water table...

Indigenous trees planted as part of sport complex project

As the St Aloysius Sports Complex project is approaching the end later on this year, a short but significant ceremony was held at the Park tal-Majjistral organized jointly by St Aloysius College and the Vassallo Group in which a number of indigenous trees were...

Watch: Christmas message by Rector Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj

This is the Christmas message by Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj, Rector of St Aloysius College. This is the message in full: Dear members of staff, students and parents, We are, once again, at the end of our first scholastic term and preparing ourselves for the celebration of...

New Fitness Centre launched

A launch of the new Fitness Centre was held on Tuesday morning. Members from Vassallo, together with the administration of St. Aloysius College and P.E teachers of the school were present. The new fitness centre is part of a major investment in sport complex...

Read: Letter to parents on teachers’ strike

A LETTER TO PARENTS BY THE SECRETERIAT FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION ON THE INDUSTRIAL ACTION BY TEACHERS: Dear Parent, Legal Guardian, The Collective Agreement between the State and the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT), as well as the one between Church Authorities and the MUT...

Statement by the S.A.C. Sixth Form Students’ Council on the armed conflict in the Middle East

The motto of our College; “men and women for others”, also aligns with this scholastic year’s theme of being men and women for, and with others. We recall this important element of our College ethos particularly in the wake of the current escalation of armed conflicts...

Jane Callus awarded ‘People for Others Award’ as St. Aloysius College celebrates 116 years

On Monday 9 October, St Aloysius College celebrated one of its most important days in its calendar – Foundation Day. The school was founded 116 years ago, on 8 October 1907. In a mass held at the Secondary School to commemorate the date, Rector Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj...


A donation of 510 EUR was made to BirdLife Malta from proceeds collected during Casual Day; an activity organised by our Secondary School’s Student Council members on Friday 28th April in honour of Earth Week 🌎
Check out the lovely aerial shot. 
Well done to all involved!


Super well done once to our Sixth Form’s teams for their great results!
The following were the awards they received:
>> Digital Marketing Innovation Award – Young Culture
>> Internationalisation Award – Young Culture
>> Best Sales Technique –
>> Runners up to Company of the Year – bWrapped
>> Winners of Company of the Year –

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