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Welcome to SAC Sixth Form

** Attention all Sixth Form applicants: Admissions Update **

Following the application process, all applications have been processed and results have been published.

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St Aloysius College Sixth Form is a post-secondary Jesuit institution aimed at preparing students for further and higher education. Our mission as a school community is to enable young people entrusted to our care, to develop their full potential through an Ignatian education in a caring environment.

We strive to empower students to develop integrally as responsible and self-giving persons by attaining intellectual competence, fostering critical thinking, deepening their spiritual and moral values, and strengthening their growth in faith and social commitment.


Check out our Mission Statement video and more

Explore our Mission Statement, ten reasons for choosing our Sixth Form, and a taste of what makes the experience we offer unique!



View or download the full Sixth Form Prospectus (2022 – 2023), which covers all important information and processes, here:

Prospectus 2022-23

Course Options

Course Options

View or download the full Course Options (2022 – 2023) document here:

course options 2022 – 2023

The Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour comprises a set of practices and procedures that together form the Sixth Form’s plan for helping students to behave well, learn well, and grow into mature persons.

Good behaviour is essential for effective teaching, learning and the personal growth of students. This Code provides a just and reasonable system to ensure responsible behaviour by students, staff and parents/guardians. It also helps the Sixth Form community to promote the School’s ethos and foster positive relationships.

Consequently, it aims at helping all members of staff,
students and parents/guardians to collaborate in creating
a healthy sense of belonging.

Also in the Curriculum


Since physical activity is essential to physical and mental well-being, sports is a key component of our curriculum programme. Find out more.


The Personal Development Programme is designed to aid students in their personal growth and character formation. Find out more.



Magis 45

The Magis 45 programme is an explorative space that provides Sixth Form students with moments of reflection and evaluation. Find out more.



Our Methodology Course aims to teach students the basics of sound logic and argumentation skills in writing assignments and essays. Find out more.


The aim of the Social Responsibility Programme is to give the students an experience of service to vulnerable and/or marginalised people in society. Find out more.

Voluntary Work

Optional – Our students are given the opportunity to serve locally or abroad through unforgettable experiences that sensitise them to different realities. Find out more.

Our Team

Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ

Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ


Ms Gabriella Abela

Ms Gabriella Abela

Head of Sixth Form

Ms Annelise Abela

Ms Annelise Abela

Asst. Head - Student Affairs

Mr Daniel Buhagiar

Mr Daniel Buhagiar

Asst. Head - Academics

Dr Lionel Chircop

Dr Lionel Chircop

Asst. Head - Academics

Ms Suzanne Mohnani

Ms Suzanne Mohnani

Asst. Head

Ms Cristina Spiteri

Ms Cristina Spiteri

School Chaplain

Bro Alessandro Cocozza SJ

Bro Alessandro Cocozza SJ

Regent - Chaplaincy Assistant

Sixth Form Chaplaincy

  • The Chaplaincy also provides a warm and welcoming space for students to relax and feel at home, accompanying students during  their stay at St Aloysius’ College Sixth Form. The Chaplaincy Team is made up of a lay chaplain and a Jesuit. 
  • Amongst other formative experiences, twice a year, all students participate in an enriching day retreat called Soul Space, during which they have the opportunity to reflect about their life and explore questions about faith and spirituality.

  • Another important aspect of Chaplaincy is cura personalis, a Jesuit term for ‘care for the whole person’ and respect for all that makes up each individual.

  • The Social Responsibility Programme (SRP) and the Voluntary Work Programme for students are organised by the Chaplaincy.

Co-curricular Activities

Our Sixth Form encourages students to involve themselves as active and responsible citizens, and develop their full potential

The Sixth Form Student Council

SAC Soirée

The Sixth Form Green Team

JAYE Opportunities

Bristol University Chemistry Camp

Walking the Camino de Santiago