Caring for our environment


The vision statement of St Aloysius College states that we would like to promote dialogue with people of other cultures and religious traditions in a common effort to build a more peaceful and ecologically just world”.

Inspired by the teachings of the recent Popes on the care of the environment and particularly by Pope Francis’ encyclical letter, “Laudato Si”, St Aloysius College commits itself to collaborating with others in preserving the environment and promoting ecological values and practices among all its stakeholders.

We recognize the need to change our attitudes and practices, to become more caring towards creation. Our faith motivates us to work with others to leave a better “common home” for future generations.

This policy document is written with each of the College’s institutions developing strategies and action plans for the implementation of an integral ecology.

Physical Environment

The physical environment within St Aloysius College reflects a strong commitment to the value of sustainability providing a welcoming environment for exercise and recreation and positively influencing students’ attitudes towards creation.

Environmental Education

St Aloysius College is committed to empower learners to become environmentally knowledgeable and, above all, skilled and dedicated human beings who are willing to work individually and collectively towards achieving and maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between the quality of life and quality of the environment.

This is in line with the National Curriculum Framework within compulsory education. However Environmental education should also be integrated in co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities as well as the work of the School Chaplaincy.

Waste Management

St Aloysius College is committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme, to the continuous improvement of waste management practices and to the reduction in the proportion of avoidable waste.


St Aloysius College is committed to actively educate and promote wise and sustainable use of water through best management practices which in turn will serve as modelling practices for all that is taught at our educational institutions.


St Aloysius College strives towards producing energy and feeding the grid as well as reducing the amount of energy consumed to a possible lowest. The College is committed to educate stakeholders in all matters related to energy conservation.

Purchasing Policy

St Aloysius College is committed to its environmental responsibility when purchasing items, and for the general upkeep and maintenance of the various areas of the College.

Implementation and Monitoring

The Green Team is a group of teachers and senior management team members from the Primary, Secondary and Sixth form sections of St Aloysius College. Following consultation with their respective members of staff and the EkoSkola committees, the Green Team will be involved in the development, implementation, and review of the St Aloysius College Green Policy, recommending action that could be taken in order to meet the aims of the policy, and where possible, help to implement the action plans prepared by their respective schools. The policy will be reviewed as needed.

Spotlight on the BlueMed Project

For the month of December, our Secondary School’s EkoSkola Malta team selected another local fish, TUNA. The students collected data by researching online, carried out interviews with local fishermen about fishing methods, and asked relatives about family recipes.

Check out the poster above! 🙂

“It’s a pleasure to see the students engaging so enthusiastically in caring for our environment. The College has an excellent track record in developing its Green Policy and the work is ongoing and exciting.”

Sasha Borg

Assistant Head - Form 2

Litterless Campaign: An EkoSkola Activity

As part of the Litterlessmalta Campaign, our Secondary School’s EkoSkola Malta students organized a whole school event during the month of December.
During this event, wraps were prepared using freshly harvested vegetables from our kitchen garden. Single-use plastic was eliminated because the wraps were wrapped in paper napkins.
As EkoSkola, we encourage you to take a step like we did and where possible, reduce the use of single-use plastic!

** EkoSkola Malta Green Flag - 20th Anniversary - 2023 **

Both St Aloysius Primary School and St Aloysius Secondary School are awardees of the Internationally recognised EkoSkola Green Flag. This informative video was released on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of EkoSkola in Malta.
On behalf of our planet, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the volunteer leaders of EkoSkola in our schools and the students who make things happen!
Well done to all! 🙂

** ‘Don’t Throw It, Grow It!’ – A Red Warriors & Press Kids Collaboration **

Students at St Aloysius Primary School regenerated vegetables (spring onions and lettuce) from leftover scraps, using a hydroponics kit. Students in the Press Kids Club documented this, by means of a PowerPoint with a montage with photos. This is a most sustainable way of reducing food waste!
Check out their work:
Well done to all involved! 😃

Green Flag Award

In 2015/2016, our College was awarded the Green Flag Award for the very first time.  Since then, our Primary School has received the award five times, and our Secondary School four times. Watch the videos produced by the Primary School and Secondary School.

‘Libraries and ecological stewardship constantly remind me that we are global citizens and the earth is our common home. The wisdom of authors from different cultures, alive on our library shelves, explores common themes from different perspectives and through different mindsets, with the hope of providing solutions for the puzzling problems inflicting humanity. But common problems call for common actions. Togetherness is the way forward on the one earth we inhabit. This ‘togetherness’ is the central inspiration animating the Green Team and the Global Citizenship programme at our Sixth Form.

Read more here

Mr Lionel Chircop

Assistant Head - Sixth Form

Check out this lovely miniature garden made by our Secondary School's EkoSkola Malta team!

The process involved the preparation of recycled items, such as pots and wood. The students collected soil and plants from the school garden, then they prepared the pot’s structure, its design, and filled it with soil.
Afterwards, they planted succulents and designed the pathway with mosaic. They decorated the garden by using pop stick for fencing, then placed the miniature figures.
Thanks for the info and photos, Mr David Saliba!
Well done to all ❤️

NEWS UPDATE: Dinja Waħda Awards Ceremony 2022

Global Citizenship integrates actions, skills and attitudes which allow us to continue our ecologically sustainable actions that promote and nurture ecological conversion.
The Dinja Waħda Gold Award was received on behalf of the whole school community by Ms Roberta Camilleri, Assistant Head, Enrico Bonavia and Francesca Vassallo, Chairpersons of our EkoSkola Malta Committee.
During the awards ceremony, a total of 78 Primary and Secondary schools were recognized for their hard work connecting children with nature through BirdLife Malta‘s Dinja Waħda environmental education programme, run in collaboration with the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes and supported by Bank of Valletta.
Well done to all ❤ 🌳🌿🪴

The Sixth Form Green Team

Update: LEAF Award

‘Our school has once again won the LEAF award, for the 5th consecutive year. LEAF (Learning about Forests) is an international programme which aims to educate students about the world around us. LEAF gives students an opportunity to experience the outdoors and reconnect with the natural environment. This experience will hopefully instill in our students a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our shared planet.’
– Mr Daniel Muscat, Coordinator of Midday Group – Primary School
Super well done to all our staff and students at our Primary and Secondary Schools for their commitment and hard work!

'Let's Talk Farming' Programme

As part of the ‘Let’s Talk Farming’ Programme, students in the Red Warriors Club have created their own healthy eating slogans.
Well done to all the students who participated, especially to RAQUEL DELCEPPO, Prep 3, whose slogan – EAT RIGHT, BE BRIGHT! won in the voting session held at school 🤩🥳
Thanks for the info and photos, Ms Ingrid!