Social & Emotional Wellbeing Team

‘Social and Emotional wellbeing creates the foundation of healthy behaviours. It also helps prevent behavioural problems and mental health issues’.
(National Institute and Care Excellence). 

The Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team (SEWT) was formed during the scholastic year 2017/2018 to look after the social and emotional wellbeing of St Aloysius college learners and members of staff.  It also aims to work with parents/guardians in a way that helps their social, emotional and spiritual development and wellbeing.

The team is committed to ensure that students develop holistically by giving them our full support, and by helping them acquire social and emotional competencies. The team meets on a regular basis and is made up of different professionals from the three schools from our College:

  • Rector: Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj
  • Primary School: Ms Daniela Camilleri Sacco (Head of School and DSO) and Ms Helena Sammut (Coordinator for Early Intervention and Therapeutic Services and Lead DSO).
  • Secondary School: Mr Edwin Ungaro (Head of School), Ms Angele Briffa (Coordinator for Diversity in Learning and DSO) and Ms Suzanne Pace (Secondary School Counsellor, Lead DSO, and College DSO).
    Sixth Form: Ms Gabriella Abela (Head of School and DSO), Ms Suzanne Mohnani (Assistant Head Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Lead DSO) and Ms Jeanine Balzan Engerer (School Counsellor).

Terms of Reference (SEWT):

  1. To look after the social and emotional wellbeing of St Aloysius College learners, members of staff and parents/guardians.
  2. To handle transitions from St Aloysius Primary to St Aloysius Secondary and from St Aloysius Secondary to Sixth Form or other institutions in a smooth and efficient manner.
  3. To formulate and implement policies regarding social and emotional wellbeing such as the safeguarding policy of the Archdiocese of Malta and Gozo and inclusive practices.
  4. To work with parents/guardians in a way that helps their social, emotional and spiritual development and wellbeing.


The Community of Parents, which falls under the SEWT, was set up in 2019. Every year a core group made up of parents, members of the SEWT team and Jesuits is formed. The aim of the core group to identify and address the social, emotional and spiritual needs of parents whilst proposing activities/events to meet these requirements. Various activities which were all well attended were organised by the three schools.

Read more about the Community of Parents here

The SEWT has also worked hard to set up a Safeguarding Team made up of a College DSO, Lead DSOs and DSOs in order to create and safe and healthy environment for all. 

Read more about Safeguarding here

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