World Environment Day at our College – June 2022

Jun 8, 2022



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World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th June as an annual reminder of the importance of being aware and taking action for the protection of the environment.

How did our school celebrate WED?

Secondary School

Following a number of lessons focused on video editing, our IT Department and Form 3 students prepared short videos about some of the world’s Ecosystems. Well done to all students for their work, and Mr Wayne for compiling all the material.

Check out the full set below:

The VET Department reflected on ways in which we can take care of the Environment and are presenting their work throughout the year to commemorate the World Environment Day.

Students in Form 1 and Form 2 worked in groups to present charts about responsible consumption and the three Rs. These charts will be exhibited in the school foyer.

The Engineering Technology groups have been using environmentally friendly practices all throughout the year. The Form 5 students reused wood and recycled materials to create a Christmas tree and its decorations. The Form 3 students created different toys, such as this wooden toy train from planks and pallets. In the labs there is a reusable materials station which stores scraps that can be used for other projects in the future.

Well done to all the students and all the teachers and LSEs in this Department!

Check out the photos here

Sixth Form – A message from the SAC Green Team

Happy World Environment Day 💚

We currently only have eight more years until Climate Change becomes irreversible, and yet hesitance towards environmental betterment is still prevalent.

We also see inadequate action from governments, and many of their promises remain futile.

Please take today as an opportunity to reflect upon how you can play your part in reducing the impact of Climate Change.

Support your words with actions.

Yours truly,
SAC Green Team 💚

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