Walking with Ignatius: a special pilgrimage for our Senior Leadership Team

Jul 18, 2022



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Featured: A lovely sample of photo highlights sent by our Rector and expert tour guide, Fr Jimmy

Earlier this month, members of our senior leadership team embarked on a special Ignatian pilgrimage as part of the celebration of the Ignatian anniversary (Ignatius 500 – To see all things new in Christ). It was a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of Ignatius of Loyola and his spiritual journey, as well as become more open to follow St Ignatius’s spirituality in everyday life at College, while strengthening relationships with one another.

From the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu to the famed Cova and many more meaningful Ignatian sites, the custom programme was designed to guide and inspire the pilgrim as they journeyed together with Ignatius.

What did our pilgrims say?

It was a truly enriching experience, one that I will remember and treasure.
– Ms Pauline, Rector’s Secretary

Reflecting and praying on St Ignatius life experiences at Loyola, Manresa  and Montserrat helped me to delve into my own life experiences and to touch base… a truly meaningful experience that provided many blessings!
– Mr Charles Bonello, Chairman of the SAC Board

Featured above: Photos taken in Arantzazu by Ms Angele

The experience touched me deeply on many levels – giving me a level of peace and spirituality whilst forming new friendships and strengthening older ones. Living and following Ignatius’ footsteps truly made me understand the spirit of resilience, being a person for others and the true meaning of inner peace which can be found among nature, within reflection and when freeing oneself from negative thoughts. For me Arantzazu and its beautiful Basilica situated among glorious mountains,  with its distinct bells and interesting history truly captured an essence of peace and serenity.
– Ms Angele Briffa, Coordinator for Diversity in Learning (Secondary School)

Featured above: Photo of the river taken by Ms Helena

The sounds of the flowing river at Manresa and the warmth within the walls of the Loyola home helped me reflect over the past experienced cannon balls in my life that were nothing but God’s unusual gentle hand.
– Ms Helena Sammut, Coordinator – Early intervention & therapeutic services (Primary School)

Featured above: Photos taken by Ms Annalise

It was indeed a very profound experience on many levels. Not quite what I was expecting at all…
The experience of Fr Rupnik’s mosaic of the Christian pilgrimage through the Spiritual exercises at the Sanctuary in Manresa definitely left a mark. In particular the image in the photo (see above) of a very gentle and welcoming Christ with the very doubtful St Thomas.
The experience in Loyola was also very profound. Being so close to all the important places where Ignatius lived, struggled, prayed, meditated and transformed makes me feel much closer to him now and more inspired to be open to understand how this touches me and how I am being called to respond.  Below you have a photo of the beautiful basilica of St Ignatius in Loyola.
– Ms Annalise Abela, Assistant Head – Sixth Form

Thanks to all for sharing a taste of your wonderful experiences!


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