Spotlight on Prep 5 DD – World Water Day 2021

Mar 24, 2021



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Following their participation in activities organised in commemoration of World Water Day, Prep 5 DD have shared their experience with us:

Our class followed the World Water Day Assembly attentively. It was a very interesting video prepared by Ms Roberta. We realised the importance of taking care of Water which is now becoming scarce in the world.

Ms Daphne, our class teacher, split us into groups. Even though we are online, we managed to work together in small teams! Breakout rooms really helped here.

We discussed our ideas and finally came up with interesting posters for all of you to enjoy!  Let’s all learn to appreciate and value water!

Writing and poster by Ethan Micallef, Zack Vella, and Kian Portelli

Hello! Today we will be telling you how not to waste water. We hope you enjoy it.

Let us start by telling you about nature that has water in it! It has water in the plants that we eat. And I also want to tell that stuff like rivers, streams and lakes have lots of water.

We should not waste water.  We can keep the taps off while washing our teeth, keep on the clothes we have for at least a day as much as we can.  In this way, we can save the water and it can save us.

To save water you cannot waste while washing yourself.  You can have a shower instead of a bath.   And if you have any water on a hot day, and you don’t like it as it is warm, you should still drink it because it’s still water. Some people don’t have water so you are lucky that you have water to drink!

So please save water because we are super lucky that we even have water!

A piece by Daryl, Adon AND Eyouel:


Water is very useful. Don’t waste water take showers not baths. With water you live that’s why you need water. Water is a healthy liquid too drink. We should feel sorry for the people that don’t have water. We should feel thankful that we have water. You should save water for plants and your family. In the olden times there was not as much water. That’s the end of the water poster.


Save Water by Adonai, Kieran and Mikail

We use water for loads of things including: drinking, watering our plants, washing ourselves and other things, flushing our toilet, and even throwing water balloons at each other.

Here are some ways to save water:

  1. Take short showers not baths.
  2. Don’t leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth.
  3. Don’t drink directly from the bottle so other people can drink from it too.
  4. Don’t use too much water when you are washing your hands.
  5. Try your best not to spill any water.

Save water, it will do good to both you and the planet. We have to act together to achieve this achievement. One for the planet!


‘L’Ilma’ minn Matthew Schembri, Kyle Spiteri Davison u Kez Scerri De Carlo – Prep 5 (DD)

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water poster – Matt Kez Kyle


Posters by Francesco, John, Daylen and Luke:

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