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Dec 14, 2021



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As we know, our new Sixth Form’s Student Council (2021-2022) has been recently elected. Its members are as follows:

President: Julia Gauci
Vice President: Faith Kira Camilleri
Secretary: Bradley Cachia
Vice Secretary: Miriana Ciantar
Treasurer: Martina Cortis
Public Relations Officer: Sean Azzopardi
Vice Public Relations Officer: Aimee Jade Galea

We have reached out to the team to get to know them better, as well as learn a little more about their plans for the coming year 🙂

1)      Tell us a little about the Council and how it works. What does it mean/represent to you?

The SAC Sixth Form council is mainly a bridge between students and administration. Apart from abiding by the rules for each and every event we host, we listen to the student’s concerns and initiatives and always try our best to improve the school environment to make school our second home.

We feel that being a part of the council includes us more in the running of the school and brings us closer to each and every student as we communicate with everyone on a daily basis.

The council selections work with a system of internal and external elections. At the beginning of the year, the students cast a vote on who they wish to represent them on the Student Council body, and following that, we have internal elections allocating a role to every elected member. Eventually, it’s a rush of a year filled with events to deliver to the students the Aloysian spirit!

2)      Who is the team made up for? What are your individual roles and responsibilities? 

The President’s main role is to chair meetings of the Council whilst also determining its agendas and setting up a work program accordingly. It falls upon the president to be the main means of dialogue between students and Council members as well as administration. They are the main spokesperson to coordinate events whilst corresponding closely to the other members of the Council. The Vice President is there to step in when the President is not available and mirrors his/her responsibilities, role, and values. When it comes to representing the school in conferences, public events, etc. it is mainly the President’s responsibility along with the Vice President to attend in the name of the Council.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Vice PRO are in charge of the well-being and communication between the students and the rest of the Council along with the administration. The PRO informs the students about any school events, announcements, and such. Any issues or concerns expressed by the students or administration are mainly communicated through the PRO and his/her Vice.

The Secretary and Vice-Secretary are responsible for communicating closely with the President along with other Council members to write up an agenda for the meetings planned ahead. This task involves writing down the issues and concerns that are to be discussed whilst also leaving space to discuss any other matters that might come up spontaneously during the meeting. During the ongoing discussion, it falls upon the Secretary and his/her Vice to write down the matters being mentioned and discussed during the meeting, setting the minutes of the meeting.

The financial aspect of the Council falls onto the Treasurer. It is their main responsibility to keep track of any spending, donations, and funds overall that are listed under the name of the Council. Any donations or funding for events are taken care of by the Treasurer.

3)      What do you plan to focus on in the coming year? Which areas do you believe need the most attention? What are your main goals? 

We are hoping that the coming year will be characterised with more opportunities through which the Aloysian community within our Sixth Form may come together and get a better taste of the true Sixth Form experience. We plan to do this by focusing on several areas of concern, which vary from having more sports activities to strengthening our relationship with other post-secondary student councils from around Malta. Nonetheless, we believe our main goals may be summarised into three: sustaining the Aloysian spirit, providing new opportunities for students to integrate and grow holistically, and voicing the students’ ideas and concerns.

4)      Is there anything else you wish to share with the school community? 

As a council, we are always ready to listen to every student’s concerns, requests, and aspirations. We are not only there to organise events and fundraisers, but more importantly, we are there to support each and every member of our student body. This can be something such as moving a lesson not to clash with sports, reopening the library as a study space, or something as important as pushing for the reopening of sixth forms. We all have one common goal: To be a family that heals, grows, and leads. Lastly, we would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all the SAC Sixth Form Community. See you all next term  🙂


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Best of luck to our dedicated Students’ Council!

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