IGNATIUS 500: Celebrating 500 years from the conversion of St Ignatius of Loyola

May 21, 2021



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500 years ago, Ignatius of Loyola was hit by a cannonball in the Battle of Pamplona, which led to a change in his life.
He came to see everything in a new way…

Thursday 20th May marked the start of the Ignatian Year (20th May 2021– 31st July 2022). In honour of this occasion, activities have started to take place around our College. This morning, the Secondary School’s Chaplaincy Team (coordinated by Fr Paul Zammit sj and Ms Mary Bonnici Xuereb) set the tone with an online celebration involving members of the community (staff and students) which also featured an informative and educational video.

*Snapshots via MS Teams below*

The Secondary School’s foyer also houses an engaging storyboard exhibition.

Opening with a reflective exercise coordinated by Bro Alex Duma, all Sixth Form staff and students were invited to reflect upon their family tree and how they are all connected. They then recalled the influence of St. Ignatius upon the world; our own educational institution included.

Ms Cristina Spiteri, Sixth Form Chaplain, adds:

It was good to connect together as one community. We looked at our roots – starting from our own family tree, to trace who we are today with aspects we have inherited from various significant persons who have influenced our life.  We then looked to St Ignatius and watched a short video clip about his life. As Fr General wrote this year “gives us a good opportunity to make known our spiritual root”. We invited some teachers and students to share what characteristic from St Ignatius influenced them the most.

Following 10 colourful days of positive and inspiring activity, including food collection and other creative and charitable actions in collaboration with Caritas (Parish Djakonija Network), 20th May also marks the climax of Embrace the Poor Week at our Primary School. Boxes of donated food items were stacked on top of each other to build a wall, spelling out ‘Embrace the Poor’ on one side, and revealing the new annual theme – ‘Ignatius 500: to see all things new in Christ’ – on the other side. Gathered in the school’s yard, members of staff, dressed in their signature red t-shirts (Men and Women for Others), danced to ‘Reach for the Stars’; the theme song selected with the aim to encourage the poor to ‘reach for the stars’ with our help, as one day we might need the same help. All students joined in the live stream, either from their classrooms or from home.

*Photos below*

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