Friends in the Lord Week at our Primary School

May 16, 2022





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The community celebration which took place on Friday 13th May  brought together the various visits and encounters which were held over the past couple of weeks with the theme ‘Friends in the Lord’.

Featured above: Formation of Ignatius 500 (the Ignatian Year theme) by the Primary School community.

Most Preps met a Jesuit or visited an institution, while additionally preparing to give back a donation, a card, a calendar etc.

Mr Anthony, Primary School Chaplain, tells us more about these experiences:

‘Playing, working, entertaining and reflecting with the Jesuits. This morning…
– Pre-Preps visited the elder Jesuits at Loyola House.
– Prep 5s met the Jesuits at University and had some reflective fun!
– Prep 2s worked hard in the Garden at College after a presentation by the Jesuits of the house.’
Well done to our organisers and collaborators for their contributions, making this experience special and memorable for all!

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