Church Schools Statement: Removal of masks from schools risks leaving classes without educators

Apr 12, 2022



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Church Schools would like to express their strong reservations at the unilateral decision taken by Government to remove the mandatory use of face masks in schools as of Wednesday 13th April 2022.
This decision, taken at a time when schools have been hardest hit by COVID-19, with record numbers of sick students and staff, is also expected to leave an impact on parents who will have to remain at home to take care of their children. Therefore, Church Schools are appealing to Government to reconsider this decision.
Throughout discussions with Government on COVID-19 measures in schools, Church Schools always made it very clear that, while they are in favour of the eventual removal of face masks in classrooms, the use of masks has been an effective measure in controlling the pandemic in schools. Therefore, considering that students often spend up to six hours a day together in the same room, this should be the last measure to be withdrawn.

Communications Officer Administrator
Communications Officer - St Aloysius College Malta

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