Behind the scenes with the SAC Soirée Committee 2023

Jan 19, 2023



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With the highly-anticipated Soirée around the corner, we have reached out to the Committee (featured below) who have been busy working behind the scenes of this year’s production, ‘Dear West Side’.

  • What does preparing for Soirée involve?

Preparation for a night that we will hold close to our heart involves various months of hard work, to get everything ready for the show to take place. Apart from a hefty monetary input, it requires the dedication of time, energy and passion. The committee works hard to raise funds through fundraisers and sales, while procuring sponsors.

  • What are your individual roles and responsibilities?

The efficiency of the team was crucial and required individuals focusing on specific roles to get things together. The team worked in harmony to raise funds and to ensure the smooth running of a production that is so close to every Aloysian’s heart. Gabriella was the person in charge of the distribution and ordering of merchandise. Luke is the event organiser and the contact person for sponsors. Emma takes care of SAC Soirée social media pages, and Chanelle is responsible for Front of House on show days.

  • What makes Soirée such an important event for our students? Why is it such an essential part of the educational programme the College offers?

When one thinks of our Sixth Form one of the first things that comes to mind is SAC Soirée so many students have a longing to be a part of this production. Soirée depicts that St Aloysius College ensures holistic growth. It is a space for individuals to showcase their talents including performance and work behind the scenes that makes the show possible. Behind the scenes work includes the makeup and art team, lighting, photography, videography, and stage hands.

  • What are the opportunities for learning and growth that it provides?

Throughout Soirée, students not only get the opportunity to develop their artistic talents but as part of the committee we develop skills that are essential for our future including organisational skills such as the  preparation of fundraisers, teamwork and working with team dynamics, communication and time management.

  • What have been the highlights so far? Are you facing any particular challenges?

The first highlight that will not be forgotten is seeing the hype and students’ reactions to the announcement of the chosen musical of 2023. A major highlight is seeing the fruits of our labour actualising; finally receiving and distributing the hoodies after three months of work. Seeing the delight on the students’ faces and hearing the positive comments was definitely something we felt pride in. When events turn out to be a success, it brought us joy, since we would have put a lot of work into it.

A challenge was when we had to cancel an event due to bad weather conditions, although the car wash had already been planned. However this taught us that we need to be ready for unforeseen circumstances and have alternative ideas.

Super thanks to the SAC Soirée Committee and all involved in this year’s edition of the SAC Soirée! Break a leg!

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