Activity Highlight: ‘Let’s talk Farming’ – Prep 2, Primary School

Jun 1, 2023



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As part of the ‘Lets’ Talk Farming’ initiative, our Prep 2 students (St Aloysius Primary School) visited Ta’ Ġinġel Farm. During this outing, the students experienced the process followed to make the Maltese Cheeselet (il-Ġbejna); from milking the sheep to adding rennet, and then putting the mixture in the mould for the cheeselet to take shape.

The farmer explained the process by using traditional Maltese words, therefore, the children were exposed to the Maltese terminology used in making this popular Maltese delicacy.

During this experience the children learnt that to produce the so-called ‘ġbejniet’ first the sheep is milked, then the milk is put in large buckets. A powder called rennet is added to the milk solidify it and it will be cream like in consistency. After adding this powder one has to wait for approximately 10 minutes for the whole mixture to ferment. Once solidified this mixture is called ‘baqta’. ‘Baqta’ is put in the mould and the ‘ġbejna’ is formed. The access water which pours from the mould while pouring the baqta is called ‘xorox’. ‘Xorox’ is used to make Whey Protein.

The students also learnt that there are three stages in the growth of the sheep that is, ‘ħaruf’ (lamb) to ‘abura ta’ l-ewwel’ (yearling) to adult.

After the farmer nourished our students with this interesting information they met Phoenix the Horse and rode on it.

Last but not least, the culmination of this outing was when the students got to eat some ‘ħobz biz-żejt’ with ‘ġbejniet’ produced on this farm.

Thanks to Ms Christine Sciriha for the information!


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