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Nov 11, 2021



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A few months ago, our entire College community was shocked to hear of the passing of Mr Paul Borg;  a greatly respected colleague, beloved friend, and inspiring teacher.

Shortly before his passing, alumnus Nicholas Ellul who is now an Environmental Economist, had been in touch with Mr Borg to meet for a coffee, to which he gladly accepted. His intention was to pass on a book and discuss his favourite subject with his first mentor.
Moreover he would have liked to thank him. Ellul explains, ‘if I managed to become an economist it is in great part thanks to him passing to us the love for the subject at such a young age.’
As misfortune would have it, Mr Borg passed a week before the scheduled meet-up.

To honour their teacher’s memory, Ellul (along with alumnus, Robert Zammit) have chosen to present the book, Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth, to the St Aloysius College Library.

Featured above: Nicholas Ellul presenting the book to Fr Jimmy SJ
Featured below: The book presented by the alumni, along with the dedication


To our beloved first Economics teacher, Mr Paul Borg,

Before you taught us the wealth of nations, you spoke of the majesty of individual craftsmanship; before the Washington Consensus, the ideals of liberation theology; before econometrics, the importance of social action; before exploitation of resources, the tragedy of ravaging our planet; before rational behaviour, the importance of values.

Pawlu, you introduced us to the wonderful subject that is economics, and taught us with your admirable versatility: from the rawness of the pollution in the river Volga, to the beauty of your beloved Beatles. That made you both the rarest and the best. For our love of the discipline, we will always be grateful. And if at 36 we still believe that together we can make the world a better place, it is also thanks to you.

Rest in peace, dearest teacher.

– Nikki & Robert
November 2021


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