St Aloysius Primary School – Call for Student Applications: Prep 2 Intake 2022/2023

Jul 25, 2022



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St Aloysius College Primary School is issuing a call for applications for five students in Prep 1, two boys and three girls; and for five students in Prep 2, three boys and two girls. These are mainstream vacancies. All places for students under support are already filled, therefore students under support cannot apply and if any do so their application will be automatically invalid.

Applicants who will be eligible to register at St Aloysius as per ballot result will be required to submit birth certificate and end of year school report stating that they have concluded Prep/Year 1 in 2021-2022.

The reason for such a decision is linked with the need to have Class Support, i.e. a Learning Support Educator to cater for each of the three classes in each year group. We currently have 64 students in both Prep 1 and Prep 2, and we need to increase the number of each year group to 69. We are also entitled to additional Learning Support Educators for students who have a full one-to-one statement of needs.

The five students in Prep/Year 1 will be added as per Admission Regulations published and administered by the Secretariat for Catholic Education.

The five students in Prep 2 will be added from a ballot which will be drawn by St Aloysius College according to clause 7 of our Admissions Policy which states:
“7. If a vacancy arises for any of the years, except for Kindergarten 2 and Year (Prep) 1 in the Primary School and Form 1 in the Secondary School, and the management team of the particular school decides to fill the vacancy, it will be made public and a student will be chosen from applicants by ballot provided that the number of students in class does not exceed that stipulated by the 2018 agreement between the Church Authorities and the Malta Union of Teachers.” 

Should you be interested to apply for the posts in Prep 2, please fill this online application form by not later than​​​​ Sunday 7th August at noon.

The ballot will be held on Friday 12th August at 11.30 am. For complete transparency, the ballot will be streamed online via YouTube. A link will be published on the College website and Facebook page at a later date.


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