Spotlight: Little Chefs Workshop

Jun 19, 2023



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New Fitness Centre launched

A launch of the new Fitness Centre was held on Tuesday morning. Members from Vassallo, together with the administration of St. Aloysius College and P.E teachers of the school were present. The new fitness centre is part of a major investment in sport complex...

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A simple wish turned into a workshop with our students’ fathers

On the 13th June, we invited our students’ fathers and together with their child they had a cooking workshop, led by Chef Sean Gravina. Chef Gravina started off the session by asking the students whether they know what the name of the herb is. A good number of students recognised the herb as basil. He then instructed them to cut the leaves as they were going to use them to make pesto. The basis for the pasta salad was fresh pesto. Chef Gravina showed the students the whole process of making pesto, and explained why ingredients such as olive oil and pine nuts are used. The students gathered around him to watch him prepare the pesto.

After the pesto was ready, the students assisted their fathers with cutting the ingredients for the pasta salad. They cut tomatoes and olives and opened a can of tuna. After all the ingredients were combined, Chef Gravina went round with the pesto and poured some on the students’ pasta. After this, the students grated some cheese onto their pasta.

Once the pasta was ready, the students and their fathers cleaned the tables and prepared the ingredients for the fruit salad. Chef Gravina gave a demonstration of how to cut the fruit. He used an apple, strawberries, and banana. The students cut the fruit themselves under the supervision of their parent. After cutting the fruit and mixing it all together, as an option the students could also add almond and mint.

Thanks to Ms Christine Sciriha for the info!


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Students work on booklet with vegan recipes

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Indigenous trees planted as part of sport complex project

As the St Aloysius Sports Complex project is approaching the end later on this year, a short but significant ceremony was held at the Park tal-Majjistral organized jointly by St Aloysius College and the Vassallo Group in which a number of indigenous trees were...

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