Meet EASYBEADS – our Sixth Form’s award-winning JAYE company

May 19, 2022



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Following their success at the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation (JAYE Malta) finals and awards night, we have touched base with the talented team behind easybeads:

How did easybeads come along? What inspired you?

Easybeads came about because of eight students who wanted to create a solution to a challenge.
When brainstorming, we knew we wanted to focus on mental health as the challenge, not only because it is relatable to us as a group but to many people worldwide.

Easybeads was inspired by not only the want to create accessories, but also by the drive to create an affordable solution to an agenda that is covered in stigma.

Our motto is ’10 beads 10 breaths’, with one bead representing one deep breath to take in order to calm down and rationalise your stressful situation. Furthermore, easybeads bracelets are customisable, adjustable, and eco-friendly. Our product also includes a meditation video with breathing techniques and affirmations to further practise mindfulness.

Who is the team behind the company?

Easybeads is made up of eight Sixth Form students:

Nina Galea as Managing director, Miguel Sammut as Financial director, Julian Paul Attard as General Secretary, Kimberly Borg as Marketing Director, Philippa German as Sales Director, Julia Curmi as IT Director, Elisa Grech as Quality Director, and Ilaria Farrugia Pace as Human Resources Director.

Although we all stuck to our roles, every member made sure to help out in other areas, when possible, to improve efficiency. We also made sure to constantly uphold a positive environment in all our meetings.

Which awards did you win at the JAYE awards? How are you feeling?

Easybeads was nominated for the ‘’Farsons Ready for Work Award’’, the ‘’EFQ Quality Excellence Award’’ and the ‘’Atlas Digital Marketing Innovation Award’’ and we won all three of these signature awards. The final award that was announced for the Company Programme was the Company of the Year Award. Easybeads managed to obtain the first-place position for the award which will lead to us having the opportunity to represent Malta in the GEN- E Competition in Estonia.

As a team we all feel very honoured to have received not only three signature awards but also the ‘’company of the year‘’ award. We are all very excited for what’s to come as our win not only means that we achieved all that we strived for but also that we will now be receiving further recognition which will allow us to reach more people on their mental health journey. We look forward to the competition in Estonia, and hope to do our absolute best.

Have you planned the next step? What’s in store for easybeads?

This is surely not the end for easybeads. We see so much potential in our mission in helping everyone in their mindfulness journey and in our mission of increasing awareness to this everyday challenge. We plan to re-open in the near future and sell through e-commerce. We wish to also make easybeads a bigger concept through collaborations and much more. We all look forward to the road ahead!

Thank you and best of luck for your future endeavours!



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