Congratulations, Candid – a JAYE company!

May 11, 2021



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Following their outstanding performance at the JAYE Finals and Awards Night, we have reached out to the hard-working team of Sixth Formers behind this successful company:

Wow, Candid! Three awards… Tell us more!

We have earned the Company of the year award, the Chamber Of Commerce Membership award and the Digital Marketing award. These awards have shown us that hard work really pays off, as we have been persistent throughout this journey. We focused on our social media presence as we acknowledge the influence of such platforms. On our socials, we shared content related to our product and cause to raise further awareness on reducing plastic waste.

Yes, your efforts have clearly paid off, but there might have been challenges along the road… What was your steepest learning curve?

As a company we have faced various challenges, especially due to the current situation. We weren’t able to sell the product physically, so we resorted to selling the cases through our website among other platforms. Our steepest learning curve has undoubtedly been when we initiated sales, since we contacted various influential people to help promote our company.

I’m sure your experience had many highlights. Which was the brightest one?

Overall through our journey we have had many highlights; our brightest one yet was our collaboration with Parascandalo. This was the biggest highlight we had because not only did we make more sales but we were able to collaborate with a local fashion brand.

What’s in store for Candid? Any plans for the future?

The next big step for Candid is the European Company Programme, during this programme we will be representing Malta and going on head to head against companies from all over Europe. We will also be broadening our rage of cases as we will be adding more designs which appeal to our target market.

The great support which we’ve received from our peers at school, our teachers and Fr Jimmy helped us a lot, especially during moments of doubt.

Well done once again, Candid! Wishing you more success in the future 🙂

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Latest news stories

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