Church Schools Children’s Fund: Membership & Nominations for Committee Members

Jan 31, 2022



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The Church Schools Children’s Fund is a registered Voluntary Organisation (VO 1319) embracing the mission:

The Church Schools Children’s Fund provides educational, emotional, financial, and social support to students in church schools and their families.

Hundreds of Children and families benefit from our schemes and projects. To learn more about us visit our FB page.

How can you support us?

  • Becoming a member @12 Euro annually
  • Follow us on social media and engage through our posts
  • Be involved in our projects as a non-direct beneficiary or as a volunteer
  • Be part of the CSCF executive committee


Whether you are already a member or interested in becoming a member for the first time, we kindly ask you to fill in the Microsoft form through this link.

Applications for CSCF Committee Members

Two of the current committee members will not be recontesting for another term of office. Hence we are looking for volunteers to be part of our team.

What do we do?

The committee is responsible for the planning and administration of the different projects and schemes. We dream together and get things done individually and collectively as a team.

There are distinct roles within the team but we help each other as necessary.

Visit our FB page to learn more about our mission and our work.

Who can join the CSCF committee?

  •  SFCE and Church School employees

Which characteristics make an interested member a good fit for this team?

  • altruistic
  • values volunteering (not expecting anything materialistic in return)
  • motivated
  • innovative
  • team player

When and how often do we meet?

The CSCF committee meets up once a month mostly online and outside working hours. In between, we communicate through emails and chats.

How to apply?

Kindly fill in the Nomination Form_Committee Members Election and send it to Dr. Ian Mifsud – by Friday 18th February 2022.

For further information, kindly send email or /and contact Marjoe Abela on 79250947 or any other committee member.


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