Celebrating Biodiversity Day at our Primary School

Jun 1, 2022



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This year, the International Day for Biological Biodiversity was celebrated on the 22nd May. It is a United Nations–sanctioned international day for raising awareness of the vital importance of preserving biodiversity.
Biodiversity is the living fabric of our planet. It underpins human well-being in both the present and the future, and its rapid decline threatens nature and people alike.

How did our Primary School honour this occasion?

The theme for this year’s annual Biodiversity Day was Bees. Bees are very high in importance in our planet’s eco-system; without them, plant and human life will eventually die out! As part of our Global Citizenship programme, explanatory videos helped the students to appreciate and respect bees and the role they play in keeping our planet healthy and alive!

Check out the Prep-specific set of videos below to learn more:

Check out the various class activities organised to mark the day

Our Preps 3-6 participated in a ‘Design a Bee-Friendly Garden’ Activity. We received a great number of interesting entries.

Take a look at the sample below:
Design a Bee-Friendly Garden Activity

Well done to all our staff and students!


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