ANNOUNCEMENT: Major Sports Complex investment following an agreement between St Aloysius College and Vassallo Group

May 4, 2021



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Featured above: Artist’s impression of the proposed project


A communication update from our Rector, Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj:

 I am pleased to inform you that St Aloysius College and Vassallo Group, through Learning Works Limited – a subsidiary company that offers education and training – have entered into an agreement through which the St Aloysius College Sports Complex will undergo renovation, modernisation and extension.

Learning Works Limited will construct and operate the Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS), a private sports college which shall include a new football ground, swimming pool, gymnastics hall, car park, a centre for sports science, and a childcare centre.

By means of this agreement, the new facilities will be available to MCS students and the students of St Aloysius College. The Complex will also be open to the public and to sports clubs after school hours.

The agreement also includes extensive renovation of existing facilities that form part of the St Aloysius College Sports Complex: the sports pavilion (a large indoor hall for handball, basketball, and several other sports), the gymnasium, the cafeteria and other facilities. The entire construction will take place on St Aloysius College property. After issuing a public call for proposals for the necessary upkeep and development of the Complex, we received several proposals. We have selected the Vassallo Group proposal so as to remain faithful to our educational mission.

This is another step so that the College continues to offer your children the best education. Since its foundation, the College has strongly believed that sport is an important value in the formation of students and of the public. Thanks to this investment we shall continue to reinforce this value.

Work is expected to take place over a period of two years once the application has been approved by the Planning Authority.

My heartfelt thanks go to the Chairperson and the College board members, and to the dedicated teams working on this project, for their competence, commitment and perseverance.

I thank every person who in one way or another, has given, and continues to give their support in this process and related decisions.

The College and Vassallo group will be working in close collaboration so that the project can be completed in the shortest possible time, and with the least inconvenience for students, educators and neighbours.

I would like to thank you for your cooperation so that we can make this dream come true for the good of many.

-Fr Jimmy Bartolo sj
Rector – St Aloysius College


Communications Officer Administrator
Communications Officer - St Aloysius College Malta

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