An Eco-Adventure at Park tal-Majjistral with our Prep 5s

Nov 17, 2022



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An Eco-Adventure at Park tal-Majjistral
featuring our Prep 5s

Our Prep 5s have recently visited the il-Majjistral Nature Park for an exciting programme of eco-focused activities, in line with our College’s Global Citizenship ethos.

Each of the three groups were placed at different stations, and were involved in a variety of activities: soil investigation (part of the Science field work assignment), planting of around 80 trees (grown by students with the help of dedicated staff members), and learning all about organic farming and biodiversity at the Majjistral Eco-Farm.

Ms Roberta, Assistant Head, explains that biodiversity is crucial to the running of the organic eco-farm. By 2030 at least 25% of local agricultural land should be organic, and by 2050 fully organic. At the moment, only 1% of local land is organic!

At the tree planting station, Ms Roberta tells us that five years ago, the area was a dumpsite, but thanks to the invaluable work of the Park Rangers, it has been cleaned up and is now thriving with growing trees which have been planted by various groups.

Our students were presented with a fantastic opportunity and honour: to contribute to this forest, as well as learn to value the importance of investing in the conservation of our nature.

Check out the photos here

Let us all be eco-aware – pass on this important message!

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